Hi, I´m David, Colourist & S3D Online Editor.

My interest in this business started when I was just a child. Some of my first memories are of playing with my father’s reflex camera. As I grew up so did my interest in all things related to the capture of images and at 16 I started working at a local TV station in Spain as a camera operator and video editor.

Following this I decided to give my life to postproduction. At 19 I moved to Madrid to start a degree in Mass Media. Right from the start I combined the degree with several internships and produced, with colleagues, more than a dozen short films.

I strive to offer the best image quality
in the most efficient way.

My final year at Uni saw me hired by the team who produced the TV show “El Internado” for Antena3. There I joined the direction department being involved all the way from shooting to editing, giving me a rounded view of the creative process, all the way from preproduction to delivery.

To date, one of the most revolutionary moments in my career was discovering SGO Mistika. Following an express course in this powerful software back in 2007 my path as Colourist & Online Editor started in a small production company in Madrid.

I spent the last 3 years working at ONSIGHT as Colourist & S3D Online Editor developing my skills on projects such as Hidden Kingdom 3D; David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive!, Kingdom of Plants 3D, Galapagos 3D and Micro Monsters 3D all with David Attenborough; First: The official film of London 2012 produced by New Moon; Mr Stink from the BBC; Flight of the Butterflies produced by SK Films; Nutcracker written and directed by Caroline Quentin; and The Week Before Christmas written and directed by Sharon Horgan, among many others.

I strive to offer the best image quality in the most efficient way and so I use SGO Mistika which is, in my opinion, the fastest, most powerful and flexible tool currently available.

The wide variety of projects I have worked on and the experience these have given me in postproduction has taught me how to understand clients' needs, helping me to develop the ability to guide them clearly and concisely through the best practice, maximising productivity and finding solutions in the most effective way.